Navem Eos #4: Tails / Cosmo

Today, the Catholic Church commemorates the feast day of St. Valentine, a Catholic bishop who lived during the 3rd century and suffered persecution and martyrdom for the Faith under the pagan rule of the Roman emperors. His feast day has been contorted by the secular society as a corporate day to promote romance, driving in billions of dollars on chocolates, cards, and everything nice. This year, St. Valentine’s Day is even more significant for another reason: it is the day when the very first, live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie is finally released into theatres after a long delay. As someone who was once deep into the Sonic lore back in middle school, I’m very curious to see how this film turns out and how much Hollywood has managed to redeem or knock the blue blur down even further. In celebration of this occasion, this week’s edition of Navem Eos will look at a particular pairing from Sonic X: that of Miles “Tails” Prower and Cosmo the Seedrian.


The relationship between the two characters was exclusive only to the third season of Sonic X where the cast goes to space to fight the Metarex. Tails and the rest of his gang first encounter Cosmo in episode 54, who has recently crash-landed on their planet while escaping from the Metarex, who promptly launch an assault that leaves the former’s homeworld in ruins. Immediately, they embark on an intergalactic adventure to rescue other planets from falling prey to the Metarex and their world-domination procedures. As Cosmo learns to adapt to her new environment, gaining the trust and brotherhood of Sonic and the others associated with him, the person that she makes the most meaningful emotional connection with, is Tails. Even as a 10-year old still clinging to the abominable 4Kids dub of the series, I still have a soft spot for this ship whenever it’s brought up, for the reasons below:


The proof of Tails-Cosmo, at least in the third season of Sonic X is plenty and there’s no reason to deny this ship due to these evidences.
  • Episode 62 is one of the very first instances of Tails-Cosmo in the series, and kicks off their first formal conversation with each other. One could argue that this episode set the stage for the shipping that would take hold from that point on.
  • Episode 65 has the Chaotix (Vector, Espio and Charmy) stage some sort of operation to hook Tails and Cosmo up, the latter two who are unaware of their antics. Meanwhile, Tails and Cosmo are shown together, even getting borderline-physical with each other as they set up a surprise party for the residents of their ship, the Blue Typhoon.
  • The conclusion of episode 69 has Amy set up a trap to get Sonic to “fall in love” with her. Instead, we get Tails and Cosmo falling into her plot, which sends them upwards into the sky, and they cuddle up together while enjoying a view of the moon, much to Amy’s chagrin.
  • Episode 73 has Tails swear to protect Cosmo from any danger, even at the cost of his own life. This speaks volumes for their relationship because he has never made that kind of promise to anyone – not even to Sonic, his best friend.
  • Episode 77-78. Not only does this episode pretty much grant canonical recognition to the ship, but pretty much by this point everyone in the cast, even the villains, becomes aware of the Tails-Cosmo romance. For more explanation, this video is self-explanatory.


As is the case in any romantic pairing, both parties trust each other to do the right thing, and show no sign of disorderly conduct between the two of them.

To further advance support for this shipping, one needs to look no further than the amount of mutual trust that the two characters. Both Tails and Cosmo acknowledge each other’s hopes and feelings, and share a mutual desire to see their worlds restored to their pre-Metarex forms. Both characters are equally willing to confide in each other without distrust – that’s how deep their bond goes. Throughout their interactions with each other, Cosmo sees Tails as a helpful, strong-willed person that is quick to offer her any help that she needs, always relying on him to show her the way. In episode 62, for example, we see these facets kick in with both characters while they are in the underground cave:

Cosmo: It’s my fault. I’m sorry that I got you into this predicament.

Tails: No, don’t blame yourself! I probably wasn’t good enough to save you…

Cosmo: That’s not it! You’re a very reliable person!

Tails: Really?

Cosmo: Yes! (blushing)

Sonic X, Episode 62

Likewise, Tails trusts Cosmo’s opinions and has full confidence in her; and always makes it known that whenever she needs something, she will always have him to turn to:

Tails: “I can see that something is bothering you. If you need anyone to talk to, you can tell me everything, even if you don’t believe me.”

Sonic X, Episode 69

Even when, for example, in episode 74 she is exposed as a Metarex agent in front of him, he remains adamant to protect her from harm or expulsion despite Knuckles’ protestations. He’s absolutely convinced of her innocence, and refuses to act upon contrary instincts where others would have done the same. At Cosmo’s lowest point, she considers leaving the ship to fight the Metarex alone, but it is Tails who catches up to her to say these beautiful words:

Episode 73 has Tails lead Cosmo out of Shadow’s murderous rampage single-handedly. He’s the only one that managed to withstand the attacks, and cements Cosmo’s trust in him.

Cosmo: “Stay away from me… I’m going to visit Dark Oak and settle some matters with him.”

Tails: “And you’re sure of going alone?”

Cosmo: “Of course!… I feel responsible for getting you involved in this mess.”

Tails: “No, it’s not your fault. Your hate and sadness are not capable of erasing anything, and I believe this more than anything else!”

Sonic X, Episode 74

Through these (abridged) lines of dialogue, Tails makes sure to let Cosmo know of the obvious: that even though he knows her dark secret, that won’t be enough to dispel the relationship he’s had with her, and the rest of the crew. Knowing that she’s been proven trustworthy more than anyone else in their mission, he takes her hand, and rallies Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, the Chaotix and everyone else to back her up, and get things settled together. This is indubitable proof of a bond between them that extends beyond just friendship.


Echoing the words of the Gospel, “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (St. John 15:13), this is by far the strongest exhibit of their love for each other. One perfect example of this is episode 73 of the series. Shadow the Hedgehog is in hot pursuit of Cosmo, (rightfully) believing her to be a Metarex pawn. Tails, however, will have none of it:

Tails: “All we know is that someone is out there trying to kill you. But I promise to protect you. No matter what, you’re safe with me!”

Sonic X, Episode 73

Vowing with his life to protect Cosmo at all costs, and making sure she doesn’t get hurt becomes the goal of the episode. Though badly hurt by the last few minutes of the series, he maintains enough strength to hold Shadow off from killing her. Of all the female characters in this series, Cosmo is the character that he’s most willing to die for – that’s basically one constituent of true love.

Through thick and thin, they vow to keep each other safe and always have each other’s best interests in their mind.

It should also be reminded that Cosmo, after neutralizing the Metarex base in their final bout against them, specifically instructs Tails, who mans the controls of the gun pointing at her, to kill her and put an end to the reign of evil:

Cosmo: I beg of you (Tails), shoot me and you will be able to destroy him…”

Sonic X, Episode 77

No longer does she have her own safety at hand. No longer does she fear the Metarex, or even death itself. All she wants is for the safety of the whole galaxy – and for her friends, in particular Tails, to live on happily, despite the latter’s objections. For that, she’s willing to put aside all her own personal interests, and put herself in a perilous situation for the sake of the one she loves the most. In doing so, she becomes grateful to him, and gives Tails comfort that she will always be beside him – even in death.

“Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.” (St. Augustine of Hippo)


Note: Due to the complexity surrounding the various editions of the Sonic universe, I will NOT be addressing the shippings associated with Tails that are existent in other universes EXCEPT that of Sonic X. This includes any shipping that exists in the Sonic comics or other television shows about Sonic.

If you see this scene and still don’t believe Cosmo and Tails is #1, then I pity you.

Perhaps the most common objection to Tails and Cosmo’s shipping is the simple-minded reason, that the latter is dead. Yes, she is dead – so what? In episode 78, she clearly makes it known that she will always be by Tails’ side no matter what; which, ironically, acts in favor of Tails-Cosmo because of their undying affirmation of love for each other. To object that a romannce simply ceases to exist on account of death is, altogether a terrible way to discredit a ship. In fact, if you really believe this, I would like you to go up to someone that has lost a loved one, and flat out tell them that “you/they don’t love them anyone because they’re dead”. Likewise, attempting to discredit the ship by saying that the two were “just friends” and never showed explicit romantic attraction to each other: what part of Tails yelling “I love you” before firing the bullet that kills her, and Cosmo’s reaction afterwards, did you not get?

And here’s another one just to rest my case.

As for alternative shippings: to the best of my knowledge, there remains only one competitor, if you can even call it that, to combat the Tails-Cosmo shipping and that is the shipping of Tails and another one of the supporting protagonists, Cream the Rabbit. Apart from reasons of age and similar personalities, it appears that this shipping is merely along the lines of emotional, which would be, in my opinion, a negative reason for supporting a ship. Just because two characters “act similar” or are “cute together”, it does not automatically translate to a ship worth supporting, as I have previously mentioned in posts of this type. Neither does “being on the same side of the team” suffice altogether.

But one reason why I don’t support this ship in particular, is because Cream’s character, at any point in the series, has not shown any romantic disposition towards anyone. Her character is mostly childlike, immature (for lack of a better word) and considers everyone that is with her as her friends. Never before has she shown any kind of stronger preference for one person than another; this trait alone, in my opinion, would be preventative to her establishing herself with anyone else. Contrast to Tails who is shown hanging out with Cosmo more than he does with Cream, and eventually establishes a steadfast connection to her even unto death.



The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom has a wide variety of shippings to go around for other peoples’ tastes, and Tails-Cosmo is the one that suits my plate the best. In fact, this is probably one of the best ships that the series has to offer; it’s not only a canonical ship, but it’s also one that’s well-developed, sensible to the core, and outright realistic in terms of its progression. The emotional connection that both characters have for each other is strong and contains little to no flaws as to how it came to be. Even though it’s been over a decade since Sonic X ceased to air on television, in my mind, this shipping is one that will never leave my heart no matter how old I get. I most definitely ship Tails and Cosmo together, hard.

I see this scene, and I’m immediately reminded of the words of Christ: “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass.” (St. Matthew 24:35) Don’t ask me why, it just sounds so fitting for this scene and ship.

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