Navem Eos #12: Katara / Aang

To my readers:Unfortunately, I've run out of articles to post under this series, so my post regarding Katara/Aang will have to be the last in the Navem Eos line. Within the next year, I shall be coming up with a new series of posts to talk about which will hopefully last longer. The Traditional Catholic … Continue reading Navem Eos #12: Katara / Aang

Navem Eos #11: Raku Ichijo / Onodera Kosaki

It's been approximately more than a year since I last watched Nisekoi. Although the series itself wasn't the excellent, high-quality, memorable and comical series that I hoped it would be, there were a few things that I remember coming from this show. At one point in the first episode, lead heroine Chitoge Kirisaki gives the … Continue reading Navem Eos #11: Raku Ichijo / Onodera Kosaki

Navem Eos #10: Yuiga Nariyuki / Fumino Furuhashi

During my second year of university, I worked part-time as a high school-level mathematics tutor, where for 10-15 hours a week I'd help students clarify their misunderstandings on certain topics, understand how to tackle high school math problems from an analytical angle, as well as the ins and outs of each procedure, while at the … Continue reading Navem Eos #10: Yuiga Nariyuki / Fumino Furuhashi

Navem Eos #8: Kyon / Mikuru Asahina

It's time to revisit The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Funnily enough, I'm going to be talking about an anime series involving God (cosplaying as a... schoolgirl, of all things) on the day after Trinity Sunday, where Christians commemorate the consubstantiality of God existing in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Starring the misadventures of … Continue reading Navem Eos #8: Kyon / Mikuru Asahina

Navem Eos #7: Sakura Kinomoto / Syaoran Li

I love Cardcaptor Sakura. Ever since I first stumbled upon it two years ago during Anime North Idol, I've grown fond of how beautifully crafted the series is with its visuals, voice acting, storyline, and its various touching moments. Not to mention, it's a magical girl series which, unlike most others of the genre, doesn't … Continue reading Navem Eos #7: Sakura Kinomoto / Syaoran Li