Welcome To My Blog!

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Hello there! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you’ve entered the realm of the Traditional Catholic Weeb: a Traditionalist Roman Catholic anime fan from Canada. Ever since I began to re-watch Digimon Adventure during my second year of university, it was the start of a spark which ignited my liking for shows of the anime genre, as well as a foray into the world of (occasional) cosplay and the here-and-there convention travels. Thanks to this newfound discovery, I created this blog in September of 2018 so that I could have a platform to talk about anime, convention travels, and the little tidbits going around in my life!

Feel free to check out some of the content on my blog, such as:

  • Anime Reviews, where I talk about the shows I’ve watched since February 2016, and my opinion on them
  • The Traditional Catholic Weeb’s Corner, where I get personal and discuss some things about myself, and my hobbies
  • Navem Eos (I Ship Them), which discusses the various anime ships (romantic pairings) that I’ve come to like
  • Convention Tales, which explores my various experiences and stories from my time at different anime / fan-related conventions
  • St. Pius V Corner, which is dedicated to my reflections about the traditional Catholic faith, and discussions about the faith and anime

If you want to learn more about why I’m a traditionalist Roman Catholic, check out My Reasons For Being Traditional Catholic page.

Hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a few likes and comments!