Welcome To My Blog!

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Hello there! This is the domain of The Traditional Catholic Weeb, a Traditionalist Catholic anime fan hailing from Canada. For those who are new, I would like to formally welcome you all to my blog!

Ever since I began to re-watch Digimon Adventure during my second year of university, it marked the beginning of my foray into anime, cosplay and the world of anime conventions. Thanks to this newfound discovery, I created this blog in September of 2018 as a platform to talk about my experiences with it, and my journey as an anime fan.

Expect to see content such as anime reviews, stories about my time at conventions, and the occasional personal tidbits related to this subject. Also, as to accommodate my recently-acquired love for Catholic theology, you can also check out some posts where I relate certain themes seen across anime and link them to the beautiful truths of the Catholic Faith – from a dogmatic, apologetic and spiritual standpoints.

If this kind of content interests you, then welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride!