Anime Review #40: Little Witch Academia

I usually don't start my Anime Reviews by directly stating my opinions on a show, but for this one, I'm going to have to make an exception. LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ANIME THAT GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH THE PRIVILEGE OF SEEING. It is objectively superior when compared to other shows … Continue reading Anime Review #40: Little Witch Academia

Anime Review #39: Hinamatsuri

I'll start this off by saying the thing that's been on everyone's minds this past three months: this summer sucks. It's not just horrible due to the ongoing conditions of the pandemic paranoia, but it also reeks of arse because of how monotonous, mundane, and how little there is to do these days. I even … Continue reading Anime Review #39: Hinamatsuri

Anime Review #37: One Punch Man (Part 1)

There are two types of anime which fit your standard superhero genre. On one hand, there's your typical "hero-defeats-villain" show where, much like the Marvel or DC types, they focus on a group of individuals with beyond-human abilities as they defend their home from evil. Aside from the various heroes from the above two shows, … Continue reading Anime Review #37: One Punch Man (Part 1)

Anime Review #36: Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Four years have passed since the release of this anime, but that has not stopped the anime fandom from continually singing the praises of this show. Indeed, Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World has received high critical acclaim from both fans and critics for its portrayal, visuals, the creativity of its plot, and its … Continue reading Anime Review #36: Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World