Convention Tales #13: Con No Baka

This coming 26 November marks 15 years since Con No Baka, a short-lived anime convention that operated out of Toronto, kicked the bucket. It is to this city what Dashcon, an infamously ill-fated convention for Tumblr users, is to Chicago, and is a prime example of everything that could go wrong with starting a first-time … Continue reading Convention Tales #13: Con No Baka

Convention Tales #12: 20 Minutes At KimiKon

In late September of 2019, there was a small anime convention going on near the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto called KimiKon, and I decided against going there mainly because it failed to meet my guidelines of what constituted a dank anime convention; namely, fun events and large crowds to go about. … Continue reading Convention Tales #12: 20 Minutes At KimiKon