Anime Review #75: K-On!

So yeah, last July I watched all two seasons of K-On! - you know, that show about five girls who spend their after-school days drinking tea and playing with musical instruments. While in the midst of watching this show's first season, I asked the question on Twitter: "Why is everything and everyone in K-On so … Continue reading Anime Review #75: K-On!

Anime Review #73: New Game!

I miss the days when I used to work as a software developer in an office setting. Starting from the relaxing commutes on the bus, having a cubicle to myself, being able to talk with others in the lunch room about their day, the enthralling view of Toronto's skyline from high above on the 68th … Continue reading Anime Review #73: New Game!

The Traditional Catholic Weeb Speaks: Lucky Star Revisited

It's not often that I write posts like this. But the fact of the matter is that last month I decided to revisit Kyoto Animation's famous slice-of-life show, Lucky Star. Up until last Christmas, I had not seen a single episode of it in years, but given the circumstances folks like me could all use … Continue reading The Traditional Catholic Weeb Speaks: Lucky Star Revisited