Navem Eos #5: Satou Kazuma / Megumin

Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World is quite an interesting series. It’s pretty amazing in fact, to see an isekai show not take itself seriously and focus more on the wild antics that the characters go through. I myself am a fan of the character Megumin, a self-proclaimed archwizard with delusions of power and a thing for pyromania; her character quite fascinates me, and it’s no wonder that her mannerisms have made her one of the most popular characters in recent anime history. While watching this series, I’ve come to grow fond of the pairing between her and the show’s brash, blunt and yet loyal protagonist, Satou Kazuma.


Screenshot from one of Kazuma and Megumin’s first correspondences in episode 2.

Megumin’s first appearance was in season 1 episode 2, when Kazuma reluctantly recruits her into his guild to fight off a horde of giant frogs, which sees her nearly get eaten by the frogs, only to be rescued by Kazuma at the last minute. After this debacle, Kazuma decides to let her go, but due to her protestations (read, blackmail), he agrees to let her come along for the ride. Despite this initial encounter, Kazuma’s bond with her experiences a growth unlike that with his fellow comrades Aqua and Darkness, and based on the evidence that is presented in the series, I’m convinced that these two would be wonderful together as a couple. I’ll admit – this is one of the cutest anime ships with my backing, but that’s not the sole reason why it’s my favorite of those in Konosuba. The other reasons include the following:


To start off, let’s analyze the interaction between the two characters. Whenever they’re sharing a conversation together, one thing that I’ve observed is that of all the girls, Megumin is the character that Kazuma acts the least rude to. While he’s an obvious douche towards Aqua, and makes this known to her whenever he can, and is easily rebuffed by Darkness’ attachment to masochism, he doesn’t feel that way towards Megumin at all. He might get a little annoyed with her from time to time, and they may have their spats, but this is never at the same intense level as with Aqua or Darkness. His reduced audacity when dealing with Megumin lends itself to fertile ground that allows their relationship to blossom past the initial teammate strand.

I think there’s some merit as to why this is the case; whenever Megumin is around Kazuma, she tends to act in a carefree, playful and enthusiastic manner, making her an easily approachable character. But when things get hot-headed, she, like Kazuma, becomes a level-headed strategist, taking on the opponent with a serious disposition. Asa a result of these two, this makes it easy for them to hit off a mutual connection, and see each other on an equal footing; and their interaction takes a turn towards being respectful, and far more considerate than with anyone else. Is it any wonder then, that Megumin doesn’t get on Kazuma’s nerves that much?

Image result for kazuma megumin
Of all the characters, Megumin is the one that Kazuma is most comfortable with.


At no point have Kazuma or Megumin conceal their true thoughts and emotions to each other, or to their other teammates. In fact, the opposite is the case. Consider the following:

  • Kazuma has no problem at all with the prospect of sharing a bath with Megumin, citing “gender equality” as his reason; Megumin shares his sentiment, and doesn’t at all feel intimidated by it; in fact, she proudly boasts about it to her friend Yunyun as if it were nothing at all
  • Kazuma accompanies Megumin all throughout her explosion magic training in season 1, episode 4; apart from being honest with the pretense of learning magic training and commending her skill as useful, but he shows a genuine interest in Megumin’s abilities – key to sparking (no pun intended) his interest in her persona
  • When Kazuma gets his new sword, it’s Megumin that gives him the name of ‘Chunchunmaru’, which ends up being the name that is imprinted. I like to think that this is a testament to how much Kazuma values Megumin’s opinion as opposed to the others
  • Megumin is also able to call out Kazuma and Aqua in season 2, episode 7 when she sees them sharing tea and acting like a rich couple. Knowing how unusual this is of them, she easily calls them out on their fake behavior
Image result for bakuretsu la la la
Explosions, explosions, la la la… also known as a date with Megumin 😉

All of these examples are quite representative of how Megumin and Kazuma understand each other beyond face value, and are capable of sharing their honest feelings with each other, regardless of what others may think of them. The fact that they’re able to do this speaks volumes about them with regards to their relationship and compatibility as a couple. In my eyes, a pairing that’s comfortable with sharing any and all things between each other, is a good sign.


Kazuma’s “death” impacts Megumin the most, and her reaction is indicative of how important she regards Kazuma in her life.

This scene I find quite significant. In episode 6 of season 2, Kazuma “dies” while he and his crew are fighting some Lizard Runners. Despite wishing to be reincarnated as the son of a rich family by Eris, his plan goes awry when Megumin attempts to write something on his body, triggering Kazuma and demanding to return to said world. What follows is a gold bar for the Megumin-Kazuma ship. When Aqua and Darkness attempt to intimidate him in the same manner, he acts indifferent and acts like if it’s no big deal. It’s only Megumin that gets his attention the most – showing how high in regard he holds her, and how much he doesn’t want her to stoop to a low personality. Once he revives, he sees Megumin, at the verge of tears, an indicaton that she’s willing to go through drastic measures just to be with Kazuma – an obvious sign that she has something for him. Their conversation afterwards is very reflective of the feelings that they have for each other:

Kazuma: You know, apart from your explosion obsession and your goofy name, I figure you’d have more common sense than the other two. Why did you do what you did to me?

Megumin: I did it because you joked about not coming back. Don’t do that again, or you’ll regret it.

Konosuba S2E6

Even after all that, Aqua and Darkness still act indifferent towards him, not saying a single thing resembling “Welcome back!” to him. My faith in this ship only increased as a result in this scene – it was here that something had to exist between the two; a chemistry, some sort of intimacy that Kazuma didn’t share with the other two girls.


According to the Konosuba Wiki, the light novel makes mention of Kazuma and Megumin becoming a couple. Take it as what you will from here:

As time progresses, Megumin grows to become more openly affectionate to Kazuma while trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the party. In response, Kazuma displays open embarrassment and confusion regarding his own feelings towards Megumin. However, as time passes, he starts to accept her and starts to think about being in a relationship with her an idea which he doesn’t find bad at all. As of Volume 12, he has become more comfortable with his feelings for her and entered a relationship in which they are “more than friends but less than lovers.” Though he feels loyal to her, their lack of physical intimacy causes tension for him.

Source: The Konosuba Wiki (


To address the Kazuma-Megumin ship, I’ve found that most people will just throw down other pairings and explain why that pairing is supposedly better. Based upon my knowledge of the characters, I’ve made my own opinions on the various alternative shippings in the series:

Image result for aqua kazuma

Aqua-Kazuma: I personally can’t understand anyone who thinks that this ship is a good idea. Their interactions with each other in the series are not even close to healthy, and it’s just plain toxic. Kazuma is always berating Aqua, calling her “useless”, “trash”, and a complete nuisance. Aqua more or less relies on his assistance, whether it’s in getting through quests or asking for favors; she sees him as someone that she can use for her own gain, rather than a partner. Their relationship can be best described as “master-slave” – and there’s absolutely no way that this can ever build up past that stage. Overall, Aqua is the weakest of the three main girls of Kazuma’s guild that I’d ever consider shipping him with. (Notwithstanding, she is kind of a beauty)

Darkness-Kazuma: Moving on to Kazuma and Darkness: this is the most popular alternative ship among non-Megumin-shipping Konosuba fans. It’s true that Kazuma does find Darkness as attractive, and has shown some kind of superficial attraction towards her; and there have been instances too where this is made known to Darkness; for example, the battle against Vanir, the thing with Kazuma’s “dream” in season 2 episode 9, and when they try to get her out of an arranged marriage. I’ve also heard that there’s instances where she’s shown attraction to him in the light novels, but even with that, I don’t really like the chemistry that they share together; it’s quite embarrassing to watch. Darkness’ masochism is a big problem especially; not only does it turn off Kazuma, but in my opinion, there’s just something uncomfortable with Kazuma dating a woman who enjoys pain and hurt.

Eris/Chris-Kazuma: I will also address the third rival ship in the group; shipping him with Aqua’s rival goddess, Eris (or Chris in her human form). While they’ve interacted with each other several times, I don’t see them as being anything other than just… acquaintances. In their communications they’ve never displayed any kind of hint that shows that they have a thing for each other; instead, they’re mainly being shown just doing things that friends do – like play games, or hang out at the local tavern. Heck, they don’t even get that much screen time together so it’s hard to purvey a plausible ship between these two. And no, him stealing her panties twice over the course of the show does not count as evidence.

Wiz-Kazuma / Yunyun-Kazuma: Total non-competitor in my eyes. Neither Wiz or Yunyun have anything remotely close to a connection outside of that of being teammates. So these ones are gone out the window.


So there you have it: the Kazuma-Megumin pairing, and why I like it in a nutshell. This ship has everything that holds water for a good romance; they interact well, share the same interests and ideas with each other, and have a high comfort level of being around each other. Not to mention, it’s just adorable to watch them get into some antics with each other – but that’s just my personal opinion on the matter. As a matter of fact, reading about this ship has made me slightly interested in picking up the Konosuba light novel again, just so I can see what else goes on and how it stacks up against the anime adaptation.

Yeah, I pretty much ship this at this point.

2 thoughts on “Navem Eos #5: Satou Kazuma / Megumin

  1. I haven’t watched Konosuba yet but I’ve heard of Megumin. It’s cool to see her have such deep character traits. She deserves to be shipped with Kazuma!


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